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Common European Programme

Please select the organisation you would like to apply for a grant from. In case of a collaboration with another country, choose the Cross Border option.


In the European Grant Cycle, Alzheimer Nederland (AN) awards grants for basic, translational, and clinical research that studies the causes and underlying mechanisms for dementia, necessary for developing medical treatment. Research should fit the topics listed in Chapter 3.1 of the AN research agenda that can be accessed here:

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In the European Grant Cycle, Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer (FVA) awards grants for basic, translational and clinical research that studies the underlying mechanisms of, and possible therapeutic treatments for (specific) dementia(s). Projects are mainly evaluated on whether the proposed research is likely to improve our understanding of the pathophysiology and underlying mechanisms causing Alzheimer's disease and related dementias and/or is likely to effectively promote therapeutic strategies.

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AFI, AN, and FVA also grant Cross Border Grants for collaborative projects between two research groups in Germany, The Netherlands, and France. Depending on whether the P.I. works for a German, Dutch or French organization, the application will be submitted to AFI, AN, or FVA respectively.

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